Throughout library school, I have realized just how many different ways technology can be used to enhance student instruction.  One of the most important roles as a media coordinator is being able to connect with students and create an engaging learning environment.  As a result, I found LIS 635 to be an extremely valuable class and was my first and favorite class within the program. Taking in every nugget of information and new digital tool mentioned in the course titled “Media Production Services for Library Programs” my journey toward librarianship started off on a high note.

This class introduced me to many different technology tools that I could use in the classroom and pushed me to step out of my comfort zone as an educator and really try new and different things that would help make connections with the students and teachers I serve. One of the tools I used frequently throughout my graduate school experience was Voicethread, which is an interesting website that allows users to upload content, record short videos and share with others, including the ability to comment and add your own recorded comments. In Artifact One, I use Voicethread as a digital storytelling tool to describe Mount Mitchell. I have implemented Voicethread in collaborative lessons with 6th grade ELA teachers and I have utilized this tool to encourage students to craft book trailers for the library.   

Another interesting tool I learned how to use was Emaze, which is like PowerPoint but more visually stimulating and interesting, making the presentation into more of a digital storytelling device than a boring lesson. I used Emaze to create an introduction to databases for my middle school students. The art of this class was being exposed to a multitude of resources that I had never heard of before. Adding these new digital tools to my repertoire provided me with options and as a librarian I know that students and teachers value choice.

My final artifact is from a summer class I took, LIS 625 “Electronic Resources for Youth.” While in class we explored a book, #Scandal by Sarah Ockler, which highlights the use and misuse of social media of teenagers, and while full of drama, it really brought out the sharp reality that our students don’t always make sound decisions on the internet and that there can be deep ramifications for spur-of-the-moment decisions.  That being said, there are so many fantastic tools out there for students to use, and one of the most important parts of being a media coordinator in a school is to show students how to use these digital tools wisely, considering their digital footprint. Instilling an awareness of digital citizenship is important for students as they continue to grow as 21st century learners, helping them become ethical digital citizens.


Digital Storytelling

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