SAMR model and Destiny Online Catalog

SAMR model and Destiny Online Catalog

SAMR Destiny.jpg

I wanted to reflect upon my evaluation of Destiny with regard to the SAMR model.  When I think about the traditional card catalog and I compare that to the technology of the online Destiny catalog I realize that Destiny clearly falls within the “transformation” range. My analysis from here is two fold. I can fully argue that the basic and power search capabilities clearly surpass the augmentation stage and the ability to generate and build an individual resource list which can be developed into a bibliography with the click of a button qualifies as a significant task redesign. Based on my work for the flipped instructional segment I feel Destiny falls in the modification realm. However, I will say that I have only scratched the surface of the features that Destiny has to offer. One tutorial showed the ability to develop book reviews, recommend books to friends, create their own “shelves,” search around the shelf, and explore e-books and web sources all related to one search. I would not have conceived those very tasks as possible when I was an elementary, middle, or even high school student. I would love to know what advancements students today feel should be functions of Destiny as we move forward. Would their ideas seem so inconceivable?


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