Revisiting My Essential Question

Upon reflection of the course readings, my ability to navigate and evaluate curation and presentation tools, as well as work products developed for my Media Production class, I have expanded the scope of my educational tool kit. I have drilled into the content readings and applied my understanding in an effort to determine how can I make transliteracy the norm and not an anomaly, empowering students to evaluate the appropriate medium to use for daily learning tasks. It seems to me, that providing real-world applications of digital tools like twitter, blogs, scoopit, blendspace, screencasts and digital storytelling as examples for teachers and providing structured and intentional time to create and navigate each tool would enable teachers and administrators alike to make the shift, establishing transliteracy as the norm. Time to practice and evaluate the unique features of digital tools is essential to promoting their use within and outside of the classroom effectively. Consumers of any new digital tool want concrete examples of what it looks like and how it relates to the content they teach, and most importantly they desire to know the impact the tool will have on student learning.  I feel that this summer session has provided me with a glimpse into several technology tools that I will further explore. I would like to put my essential question into action this year and present some of these tools at “Hot Topic,” professional development sessions created and shared by teachers within my district. The make it-take it approach is received very well by teachers and I feel this would be a step in the right direction, making transliteracy the norm.


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