Flipped Instruction Project

I want to say that the power of collaboration never ceases to amaze me.  Although I was initially concerned about how this project would come to fruition, I am pleased to say that my partner put my mind at ease and made this a great experience. I really liked the way we bounced ideas off of each other and talked through all of our questions related to the assignment. My hat goes off to Dr. Morris for her efforts to establish partner pairings. I am sure that was not an easy task, but I hope that my peers were pleasantly surprised by their learning experience as well.

Let’s get down to business! Sara and I designed our Flipped instructional segment for beginning users of Destiny, an online library catalog software system. We are both interested in the school media setting and we wanted to know more about this widely used system. We created tutorials, a Pinterest board with curated items, and organized our professional development workshop on Blendspace. Take a peak at our end result!

Blendspace- http://blnds.co/1rfM5E2

Pinterest Board- http://www.pinterest.com/apbraxto/lis-635/



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