Digital Storytelling


Digital Storytelling-Mount Mitchell Style!


The picture I selected for my digital story shows Mt. Craig in the distance. On our first trip to Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina my husband and I wondered “how do we get there?!” I used voicethread to narrate my digital story. I found it voicethread easy to navigate as far as uploading the picture and recording the narration. I did watch two of the tutorials prior to working on my project. However, I forgot to change the settings so others could view and comment on my voicethread. This was easy to correct. I am most proud of my aha moment, realizing that my role as a librarian is similar to the park ranger who helped us on our journey. Fostering relationships with students will enable them to go beyond their comfort zones and explore transliteracy tools with confidence, but trust has to be built. Similarly, the ranger connected with my husband and I, allowing us to ask our ever important question.


One thought on “Digital Storytelling

  1. Elisabeth Carter says:

    Alison, I love how you connect your personal journey and discovery to your work as a librarian….great picture too! 🙂

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