Alison Scarlett’s BOOK BATTLE scoopit

I selected “scoopit” as my curation tool and “screenr” as my presentation tool after reviewing the sample curation projects shared by Dr. Morris. I really liked the seemingly simplistic nature of using the “scoopit” bookmarklet to curate images, videos, blogs, prezi’s, and websites featured in the Home Brew Hobbyist’s curation project. After watching the “learnitin5” tutorials for both programs, I curated items for my Book Battle topic.

The “scoopit” tutorial, accurately showed how to create a topic, search suggestions and mentioned the bookmarklet feature. However, I found the filter, share, and suggest features within the navigation menu appeared differently than those shown in the sample curation project. For me, all of those features were located in the top right grey navigation menu for the scoopit page. Once, I figured out how to utilize each feature of the top navigation menu and individual grey menus for each scoop, I was able to manipulate my scoops with ease. Now, I will reflect on the not so simple publishing feature. In the tutorial, it appears that you can publish your page on many social media sites and you can, but the free version only allows you to publish on one. I was disappointed that I had to choose only one social media outlet to share my content curation. With that said, I would certainly purchase the upgraded version after evaluating this tool.

Mortimer Jerome Adler wrote, “In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.” I feel that this is true regarding all of the curation tools and presentation tools I evaluated for this project. I tested out Listly, Bitly, Scoopit, and Pinterest. I am pleased with my results from “scoopit” and “screenr” and I have a vision for helping these tools GET THROUGH TO MY STUDENTS!


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